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World Travels

I graduated from college in 2001 as an economist specialized in the travel industry and worked for several multi-national corporations, climbing up the corporate ladder with success.


I love traveling and criss-crossed the globe, spent years living in Denver, CO (USA), Moscow (Russia) and Amsterdam (The Netherlands). A girl who is always looking for something new to fill her longing soul. I was lost and looking for something, someone to make me happy. In reality, I was looking for myself. 

This period of my life lasted until 2010 when I quit my corporate job and began traveling towards my soul.


Hi, I am Zsófi

I am thrilled to be on your side on the most exciting journey to BE WHO YOU ARE.

Why me?

I was born to a very kind and loving family as a second child. I got literally everything I needed: caring, good education, friends, language skills, sports, travels… and I grew up.

Now fast forward: I am 30 years old, having a great, well-paying corporate job, living at an amazing apartment overlooking an Amsterdam canal, having a very inspirational relationship… and I am sitting by the canal, crying a river of tears. That moment, I clearly realized that very few major problems are going to solve themselves. The only thing I can do is to work myself to get rid of them. The next day I found a coach and started my own journey to live a life that is the most fulfilling and enjoyable for me. Soon I quit my corporate job, got on a plane and went to study yoga.



Yoga accompanied me for many years and literally saved my life. It was a perfect place for me to let go of stress and very slowly, breath by breath, start to connect back to myself.


I immersed myself in yoga, became a teacher, got familiar with Ayurveda, yogic philosophy and started to dig deep on the path of self-healing. I attended several workshops and trainings, including family constellations, Bach flower remedies, bodywork, and most important of all, coaching that became my true profession. 

This period of my life lasted until 2016 when I became a mother. 



Becoming a mother and nearly simultaneously losing both of my parents changed my life drastically. Going through the dark night of the soul, made me finally grow up and take full responsibility for who I am and my happiness.


Right now there is no other path than living a soul connected life in all aspects of my existence. I am following my purpose to support others uniting with their self.



2005 - 2010 starting with yoga, especially grateful to Svaha Yoga in Amsterdam

2010 Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training (Vietnam) - Hatha Yoga instructor (200 hrs)

2011 Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training (Budapest)

2014 Yoga Therapist (Budapest) (300 hrs)

2020 Yin Yoga and Meditation Training (Budapest)

Besides Hatha Yoga, i have also immersed myself in Shadow Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Kids Yoga and Yoga Nidra.


2015-16 Integrative life and business coach - Grow Group
2018-19 Basic and advanced Gestalt business coach - Gestalt Coaching Center

2023 Certified Human Developer, Certified Rapid Relief Technique - HeyUHuman

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