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Do you want to find solutions to your health problems without the side effects of medicament?

Do you want to create a toxin-free environment for yourself, your family and the world to live as safe and healthy as possible?

Do you want to see your children physically, emotionally and mentally strong, to support their health with 100% natural solutions?


I was a committed supporter of natural solutions even before my daughter was born, but for the past 5 years, I have been working harder to keep our health in mind. I have been using doTerra Essential Oils for 10 years already successfully in many areas of our lives. 

Aromatherapy itself is a complementary, holistic modality that uses herbs to support people’s mental, physical, emotional, and mental health. The most popular form of aromatherapy is the use of essential oils. Plants use essences to attract pollinators and keep predators away. Essential oils are created by harvesting the plant and then extracting these essences by various methods. Essential oils are extracted from the seeds, bark, roots, leaves, stems, flowers or other parts of plants. Extraction of essential vegetable oils can be accomplished by steam distillation, cold pressing, solvent extraction, or CO2 extraction. Due to the concentration, a drop of essential oil has a therapeutic performance 50-70 times greater than that of the plant.

Their use can be realized in several ways

  • aromatically, i.e. by inhalation

  • topically, i.e. applied to the skin

  • and some oils can be consumed internally, i.e. they are safe during meals.


DoTerra is one of the world's leading manufacturers and distributors of essential oils, and their success is no coincidence, as doTERRA essential oils are 100% pure essential oils and of therapeutic quality, extracted exclusively from plants.


Aromatherapy can help in many ways:

  • stress management

  • relieving feelings of anxiety

  • relieving feelings of sadness

  • mental purity / concentration / memory

  • soothing effect on irritated skin

  • supporting the health of joints and muscles

  • seasonal breathing support

  • reducing tension in the body

  • supporting the immune system

  • promoting more restful sleep

  • and much more



If you are open to natural solutions to support your own and your family’s health and love scents, using essential oils can improve your life in many ways. However, they are not a cure for everything, so if you have a serious health problem, use essential oils as an adjunct therapy, as part of a supervised treatment plan approved by a health professional.

If you want to learn more about essential oils or face health challenges and want to consult, you now have the opportunity for a 30-minute free consultation with me.

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