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Live Now!

It's been a while since I posted a poem, today let me share an inspiring poem from Pablo Neruda. I first encountered this poem in my early twenties, maybe it was also a seed to my current life.

Pablo Neruda: Dies slowly

He dies slowly, he who doesn't travel who doesn't read who doesn't listen to music who doesn't find grace within themselves

He dies slowly he who destroys his own love who doesn't allow himself to be helped

He dies slowly who transforms into a slave of habit repeating every day the same tasks who doesn't change his opinions who doesn't venture to change the color of his wardrobe or who doesn't converse with new people

He dies slowly who avoids passion and its flood of emotions, only these that return the brightness to one's eyes, and mend broken hearts

He dies slowly who doesn't turn the steering wheel when he is unhappy with his work, or his love, who risks neither the certain nor the uncertain to chase a dream who doesn't allow themselves, not even once in their lives, to stray from the wise advice...

Live today! Take risks today! Do it today!

Do not allow yourself to die slowly! Don't keep yourself from being happy!

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