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I buried my head in the sand for a very long time. I really didn't know, I didn't understand, I had no idea what life was. And I won't be able to explain this to you exactly right now either, since it is possible to shed light on the "meaning of our life" from several points of view, but it is certain that we get an opportunity to see life as a catalyst for our development. I note - this is merely an opportunity and you don't have to live with it, however, for me it is much, much more fun and inspiring to travel along the often not easy path, as if I did not know the magic that transforms life.

This week we get a little extra push to see our whole life as a chance, a unique chance to grow and develop.

Growth and development will require a little explanation, because according to our collective level of consciousness, this leads to some kind of super wealth, but as we have been experiencing on our own skin lately, it is precisely this goal that is "slowly" destroying the world.

So what if we stopped for once and instead of our material expansion and enrichment, we made the goal of our growth the expansion of our consciousness, the love that lives within us?

But not just like that - quickly rushing over and internally nodding at what I had to say, of course, of course - but really.

What would you do differently then?

Perhaps one day you would stop to look more deeply into your own soul and contemplate?

Would you think carefully about whether what you have to say is really imbued with love before you speak? Or is it even important to tell the many things that are inside you?

Can you be quiet and look at yourself truly and with satisfaction?

How do you breathe? Are you able to breathe deeply and feel the breath moving through your body?

Can you slow down?

If you stop and look inside you can see what you are struggling with. What really hurts. You may even cry yourself or become angry. You lift your head out of the sand and feel that you are not well. That you haven't been well for a long time.

At this point, you will need a pinch of courage to allow yourself to do this. Sit a little longer and empathize with the feelings inside you. If you can do this, then you light a small lantern, a flickering light, and this light - the light of your awareness - begins to illuminate and melt the envelopes that you have hidden with the power of force.

This is where the magic begins. The road leads only through you, your humanity, your human existence. When you make life, your feelings, the catalyst of your development.

What I can promise is that it is not an easy path, but if you learn to accept and love it, then everything that you have been looking for outside - and could not find - will be created in your life. You can meet the parts of yourself that are afraid to be seen and create the love, belonging and safety they need to shine. You can be the love you want.

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