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The Finish Line

We have nearly arrived to the so-much-awaited winter solstice! As we come close to the end of 2020, I invite you to take inventory of the year behind. It is so important to take the lessons and memories of 2020, so it does not feel like you didn't succeed and you need to start over again in 2021. Years are like building bricks that make up your life, each year we add so much knowledge, experience, memories, lessons that we can build upon for the year to come. 2021 will be in the energy as you finish 2020. So if you want to soar and have an incredible 2021, don't give up in the last days of 2020. Be so good to yourself that you invest some time during the holidays to reflect and gather how much you grew, what you have learned, the lovely or heavy experiences you faced, what you let go of, and what goals you have reached this year. Yes, despite Covid19. Now fly back to January 2020 and remember how you felt exactly one year ago, not knowing what is coming this year. Remember the excitement, setting goals and looking forward to something new and unknown. Remember all the beautiful things that happened this year, maybe as you traveled to the countryside to finally take off your mask and take a deep breath, maybe as you finally dared to hug your beloved ones, the time you got (or didn't get) to spend with your partner and family, how you grew as a person as you let go something that did not serve you any longer, how you learned to smile and recognize people smiling with their eyes, how you succeeded in your business or just started something new and exciting. Remember and know that these lessons were meant for you and make your life richer, make this year something to remember. For me, it was an incredible year with lots of lessons and beautiful experiences. * Started the year very strong as I completed my advanced business coaching studies taught by the most inspiring coach, Tünde Horváth (Gestalt Coaching Center). In short summary, I must take the floor. * Still escaped to a fantastic ski vacation before the slopes closed in Austria. It was fascinating to see our daughter being so enthusiastic and dedicated to learn. * As Covid19 creeped in we got to spend some months together with my family, our home transitioned into a creative atelier with the kindergarten being closed. We did not just rub along for several months, but we built a new foundation for our family based on love and cooperation. * We so much loved as playgrounds opened again, we often strolled along the Danube bend licking ice cream. I felt so much freedom despite the external circumstances. * The physically and emotionally challenging work of getting my parents' house ready for sale made me sad, facing the loss over and over again. It was a very important step of grieving. * Our dream of living, working and traveling realized as we spent an amazing month by the sea in Croatia. Practicing yoga and meditation by the sea as the sun rise made me feel truly blessed every single day. A game changer. * I am grateful for celebrating our birthdays together with my sister at Lake Balaton. I love to see how our daughter and my sister connect to each other in a truly special way. * I made some very special new friendships that are truly meaningful and could maintain and enjoy many old ones throughout the year! I love you all! * It's official, next to my several other yoga certificates, now I can teach yin yoga as well as meditation. The course was very deep and intense, led by amazing Bir Akal Kaur (Ági Tengerdy Krauser) and I am continuing my practice with her in 2021! So excited. * My website is up and running! was created in an amazing spirit with a fascinating designer, thank you Lara! * More and more clients! I am so inspired by my beautiful clients, changing, aligning tremendously to their beautiful paths. * Having the privilege to mentor a young couple through yoga and coaching as they expect their first child. * Created my FB group - Soulful Mothers that is going to be full of content soon. * Tremendous amount of self-development and as a result more and more anchored into my purpose. * The most beautiful child on Earth. I love you to the moon and back. * Being courageous and loving myself more than ever in 2020. 2021, I am so excited to welcome you! I AM READY. What about you, my dear? Are you ready? I would love to read your reflections back on 2020.

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