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I first became aware of my physical prison.

I yearned to live, to travel, to explore, to live my life without physical limitations. To go where I wanted, when I wanted, with whom I wanted.

In contrast, at my workplace, I felt like a caged lion. I sat in a huge, shiny office building in the middle of a beautiful forest: outside beckoned light, sunshine, the sounds of nature, birds, a river, everything that made my heart and body come alive - and yet I was locked inside gray walls, facing a cold screen, numbers, tasks, which made me feel empty and meaningless about my life.

I wanted to feel strong, enthusiastic, active, but instead my body started to become my prison. The body that nicely, subtly, but clearly showed that I was out of place. A little back pain, and that pesky PCOS, or just like the fact that I don't sleep well and don't feel like getting out of bed in the morning, they were all signs, warning signs that something was wrong. I am imprisoned in this body, which if I don't pay attention to, if I don't notice its pains, slowly withers away, almost imperceptibly, day by day.

Yoga, like a life buoy, invisibly kept me afloat 🙏 and as I started to connect with the transcendent aspect of my existence, slowly but surely, it set me on the path of freedom. At this point, I only had a hunch that looking back is now completely clear: nothing was in ORDER. I wasn't in that divine order where I belong, where I am.

As I committed to finding what truly makes me happy, I started taking steps towards self-discovery, and saying YES to my own well-being, there was no turning back. 👉👉👉

Photo: my own, the gaze of the lioness living in captivity touched me deeply, it was difficult to take the picture.

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