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Nowadays the term mindset is very fashionable, and although we cannot make our lives better with our mind and thoughts alone, even if we recite affirming thoughts 365 days a year (this also requires emotional work!), it is still very important what we think.

Thousands of thoughts run through our heads in a day and it doesn't matter at all what they are. However, for most people, their thoughts and their lives are on an auto-pilot day after day for a lifetime, without any control.

The big news are:


As a child, I naturally believed everything that adults said and showed me about the world. I was not taught or learned to think critically, and the child in me who wanted to please everyone absorbed everything that was expected of her. My thought patterns, everything I "knew" about the world belonged to others, they were not my own. Since my thoughts were not my own, I did not find my own goals and directions. The thoughts kept me in a prison, stuck me in a way of thinking and behavior patterns that limited and hindered my growth and development. Besides, I didn't even know about that. Although it didn't seem like much to others, I was very anxious, I didn't have any self-confidence, I was often in a bad mood (mild depression?). The whole life seemed hopeless and I was in the middle as a helpless victim. A thought that came to me as a lifeline gave me the strength to change. It gave me the strength to take responsibility for myself, to move towards freedom. To relearn myself and the world. To choose new thoughts and through this to free myself on every possible level and overcome the limitations that have held me invisible until now.

New possibilities opened up that I had never thought of before.

Einstein's thought encourages me to open my mind and find new, creative solutions in all areas of my life. "We can't solve our problems with the mindset that created them." By revising my thoughts, I exceeded the level that my previous schemas allowed in all areas of my life. Little by little, I freed myself from expectations and I try to overcome my fears so that I can make my dreams and the calling of my soul come true. Today I know and feel that the only limit is the starry sky.

What can you do to make to change the records inside your head?

By getting to know our thoughts and limiting beliefs (for example, through meditation), clearing the emotions and emotional blocks behind them (for example, through RRT) and choosing new thoughts (for example, through questions), you become able to create a new, happier life. Start recognizing the patterns that hold you back and create new possibilities within yourself! Let go of the past and choose a new, limitless future.

Ask questions.

Ask and expand the possibilities! Ask yourself what you really want and realize what thoughts and beliefs you are limiting yourself with. Replace them with positive affirmations, feelings and new beliefs. It takes practice. If you would like to chat informally with me for half an hour about how to live easier, better, happier, then send me a DM or book an appointment via the following link:

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