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THE PATH TO FREEDOM part 6 (last chapter)

🌑 I was not free at all. I was locked in a box, and although I sometimes lifted the lid to peek around, I quickly retreated. My mind was locked in a dark prison, in a narrow place of bars, dogmas, ideas, learned social and cultural expectations.

I lived in autopilot mode, not pondering life's big questions.

I didn't believe in myself, anyone or anything.

I was lost, disconnected from myself, but I didn't even know it.

I functioned according to expectations. 🌑

👉 In my work, I meet many clients who feel the same way. They have become so adept at fitting in, adapting, and being good girls that as adults, they have no idea who they are, what they want, or what they desire. They live as "adults," they work, they raise children, but they feel bad, dissatisfied, and frustrated, and illnesses find them. They are not living their own lives. 👈

🙏 Through yoga, I first met myself, and as my practice deepened, my connection with myself also became alive. As I slowed down, stopped my breath, and entered the silence of relaxation, a space opened up unnoticed for me to notice my own thoughts, feelings, actions, and view them from a different perspective. With my growing self-awareness and clearer vision, new possibilities opened up within me, and as a result, in my life. Life was waiting for me, the great adventure! 🙏

🥥 I often felt like a coconut fell on my head, so many realizations were born in me over the years. The most important thing was when I realized that my most important personal values, the things that really matter to ME, were not present in my life!!!! 😟 Oops! How can I be happy then? 😕

❤ I became free when I set out on the path rooted in my values and growing faith. Did I curse this many times and long for its "security"? Of course.

Looking back, every step was essential. Every challenge, obstacle, doubt, tear, money and fatigue was worth it. ❤

💥 I no longer look to the left or to the right, I no longer search for answers or solutions from others. I no longer question the voice of my intuition, the messages that take me to surprising and often unexpected places and situations. (I never thought I would give birth at home, but during my pregnancy, this became unquestionable. Did many worry about me? Yes, they did. Was it ultimately good? The most perfect for me, for us. ❤️) I trust myself, my higher guidance, I know that's where I belong, that's my place, my home. Moreover, as I accepted myself step by step, I became able to respect the opinions and beliefs of others without judging them or trying to force my own beliefs onto them. As a result - to my own surprise as well - many religious, believing (Catholic, Reformed) people also find me with healing conversations and therapeutic processes. What does spiritual freedom mean to me today? It means peace within me, and a kind of contentment that comes from living in harmony with my most important values and beliefs. To achieve this, I had to let go of my old, outdated thought and emotional patterns, boost my self-awareness, nurture my connection with myself, and open up to the world around me. 🌞 I haven't reached the end of the road yet, and I never will. But I trust and eagerly await what will come. Until then, I just am. Who I am. 😎 I recommend myself. With love, 🌹 Zsófi

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