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We have been meeting nearly 70 wonderful women every week for 8 months to meditate together, to learn about ourselves based on the wonderful teaching of Yogi Bhajan, the Gurus, Kundalini Yoga. Last weekend was a frenetic success, when we finally ever gathered on the shores of Lake Balaton and personally immersed ourselves in the incredible power of this women's circle.

The teachings were wonderful (as always, thanks to Ági), we shared with each other our experiences we had by exploring the moon centers, what we had healed within ourselves for the past three quarters of the year. Beautiful, sometimes painful, powerful, and uplifting experiences came in during the kriyas, meditations, sound baths, regression hypnosis, and conversations between and within us. We swam, we laughed, we filled our souls - from ourselves, from each other, from the teachings and God.

Ek Ong Kar. All is One.

What gave me the most was our courage and our presence. Women, coming from many different countries, life situations, from all walks of life - with a baby or just as a grandmother - we were present with what we have on our plates.

Day by day, to find our center again and again, to connect with our inner wisdom, our female strength often in the midst of our insecurities, ripples, pains and losses, searching, not giving up, meditating on our unaccepted, unloved parts to heal our souls and as well as our bodies, to see the love of God in ourselves not only for moments but in our earthly lives as well as in eternity.

The glow of these eyes will always stay with me.

I am deeply grateful and celebrating all of you, all women!

Wahe Guru.

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