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Under your mask

We have been wearing masks for months already. It seems that some people even do enjoy it.

„Finally I can hide. Finally I don’t have to show myself. Finally the other does not see or hear me, I can pull whatever face. They don’t see me and I don’t have to see them. I am safe. I hide. I protect myself from you, from the world and you are also safe from me. We don’t touch, we don’t feel.”

For the first time, yes, for the very first time it became visible that was invisible till now. That we are all wearing masks. These masks protect us from others, we become untouchable. We hide behind the masks to cover our true self. To protect ourselves from the others and to protect the world from our raging, not so pretty, not to be shown realities.

For me, it was truly unpleasant to hide myself behind the mask. I wore rarely, if I really had to. I can’t breath, I can’t sing, I can't smile. I don’t see you and I can’t show myself to the world. It’s hard to connect this way.

Now I wait impatiently for this story to be over. So that I can breath the fresh air again, sneeze if I need to without scaring others away and spread my smile across the world, from me to you.

I used to wear masks for a long time, I was invisible for most of my life and it took tremendous effort to uncover myself. I was hiding and protecting myself for too long….but not any longer. And you? I would love you to show yourself. I would love you to finally believe that there is nothing to be afraid of, that the world does not offend or punish you for being who you are and you will also not harm others if you simply be who you are. BE WHO YOU ARE.

No make-up, no masks, nothing to be ashamed of.

Your eyes are gleaming, your smile is shining, your heart loves.

You are beaming, glowing from the inside. If you let it be.

Will you?

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