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What are you waiting for?

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Today is the Winter Solstice. You might have read all kinds of information regarding this very powerful astrological constellation, or you can look it up easily. It's not my expertise. While it can be tempting to wait for the external world to shift and miracles to happen in your life so it magically changes from one day to another, I have heard of nobody who made their dream life happen that way. What I have seen and what I much more believe in is making things happen. And I don't really mean, working hard (sometimes also that, true), but what I know that creating a life that is really worth living, a life that takes my breath away means work. Working on my emotions, on my mindset, on my limiting beliefs, traumas, programming plus creating a vision and working for something that is aligned and truly meaningful in my life. I love pondering over the question over and over again, when I arrive to the end of my life, will I think I wish I did a little less? Or did I do everything, all-in, that I ever wished, dreamed, desired? Could I face my fears, my not-enoughness over and over again, not give up and change the view on my life to evolution and growth over a lifetime? You have one chance, what are you going to do with it? Just decide that whatever you do, it does matter. Feel into it. What if I mattered? What if everything I do matters? Today we greeted with my beautiful friend the coming of a new era, the Age of Aquarius (Do you also love this song?). While I am being very excited about the next 200 year chapter in human history, I am very conscious that I matter the most. The way I make myself (even more) responsible for my own world, the way I take radical responsibility for how I change my world...and that's how we change the entire world. I invite you once again to take inventory of your last year, remind yourself that all things happened have place in your life. You can decide to leave behind certain things that you are still carrying around and you can take and extract all the beautiful, meaningful lessons and experiences, put them in a box, wrap it up and add a ribbon to the top. These are your gifts from 2020. This chapter is about to close and it's completely up to you what you are going to make out of the next 10 days of 2020 and in the year to come. Live in the energy of I matter. See where it takes you. If you need me to guide you to your very best, soul connected life, just let me know. Wishing you a happy Winter Solstice, make all your dreams come true!

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