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I got really tired this month with all things happening in my life plus the long dark winter also took its toll on me.

We are busy, so much to do all the time. Most days, 24 hours are just not enough to do all the things we need, should and want to do. For the past week it's been really hard for me to get up early and do my morning routine, meditate before the little lady awakes and I transfer into mommy mode. I needed, I wanted, but just couldn't. My body wanted to rest and during the day, I could not make up for the sacred hour lost in the morning. This morning I felt the enormous tension built up since I last sat and meditated. I was impatient (towards myself and my loved ones), tense, with a huge weight sitting on my chest.

Today should be a busy day again. But first, I needed to connect with myself. To check in with my soul, my inner child, myself and to give myself what I needed the most.

I needed peace, Sun, being and my mantras.

Sitting for half an hour, soaking up the Sun, chanting some mantras in this beautiful February Sun released so much pressure from my being that I am able to breathe again...and just be happy.

One of my favorite mantras means "May all being be happy and free and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and freedom for all."

Why not start with myself? BEING. HAPPY. FREE.

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