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You do NOT have to

You do not have to live a life according to others.

You do not have to meditate.

You do not have to be nice.

You do not have to love everyone.

You do not have to live to make others happy.

You do not have to write this post.

You do not have to be humble.

You do not have to be fearless.

You do not have to be slim.

You do not have to be happy.

You can decide otherwise. You can decide. You are free to be anyone. You can choose to be fully yourself.

(photo: Canva)

I spent decades trying to fit in, to be...

...the best daughter to my parents, to make them proud and happy.

...someone special, to be liked and appreciated. good as others, to be seen and envied.

...nice to everyone, to be loved and accepted.

...a pleasing partner, not to be abandoned.

...a good employee, to be valued, to give meaning to my senseless work.

...accepting and loving everyone, to be a good person.

...spiritual, vegetarian, enlightened, to be better than others. I spent a whole life hiding in someone else’s skin.

It made me exhausted.

I hated getting out of bed in the morning, I felt so tired and sick of being me.

I lived a good life, just not my own.

I was successful in the terms of society, but unhappy.

I hated everything and everyone, above all, I hated myself, but pretended that everything was A-OK.

I hated that I abandoned me.

I hated the life that I wasted.

I hated that I lived by "should"s and "have to"s.

I hated that I pretended to be someone I am not.

I hated that I had no idea who I really was.

I hated that I didn't show up fully for myself.

I hated that I procrastinated.

I hated that I could not live my life on my own terms, that I was weak, lame, incapable, not enough. Just never enough.

So I went on a journey to heal it all. And I go on this adventure till the end.

To love and fully accept myself. On my own terms. And even when I don't succeed, I still do love myself.

No more "should"s, there is nothing I "have to" do - driven by others, by society, by my own fears.

(photo: personal)

I choose.

Living on my terms means...

I live my life according to my deepest desires.

I meditate as this is the best way to connect to my higher Self, to God.

I choose to be nice to the people around me, as it makes me feel fulfilled and happy.

I draw my boundaries if I need to, even if it makes me unpopular.

I am fully myself in my relationship with my partner and daughter.

I am able to face that not everyone likes me or will ever like me. And that's OK.

I manage my business as it feels the best, the most authentic to me.

I enjoy my life and be proud of who I am and my journey.

I feel my feelings completely, they are all welcome.

I feel and express my vulnerability, my fears, my suffering.

I make peace with my body and my mind. I am ever grateful for the experience I have through them in this world.

I am fully me. If you are ready for change, if you want to live liberated, in peace with yourself, send a message to see if we can work together!

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