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When you approach yoga from a purely physical perspective, it is already something exceptionally wonderful, however yoga is much more, it’s a transformative and transcendent art, which aims to aid people in their spiritual journey.


During the past decade even science confirms that yoga, if used correctly, really can be just as good for your mind as it is for your body. You will already feel different after one single yoga class, but practicing regularly over a period of time can literally change your life. 
It has definitely changed mine.


Practicing pranayama (breathing techniques) and slow, meditative movements gives your soul the much needed space and contemplation time.


It would be impossible to list all the benefits of yoga, however primarily

• yoga eases stress by tapping into the parasymphathtic nervous system

• yoga helps to heal addiction by calming the mind and get detached from the craving

• yoga is good for depression as it releases endorphins through movement as well as clears out the psyche from the recurring thought cycles


• yoga heals in general as mind body and spirit are connected, so once you start to heal your body the mind will reflect that and vice versa


During our soulful yoga classes we tune in to ourselves and work towards a calm, peaceful and neutral mind through a series of yoga asanas, breathing techniques, kriyas, mantras and meditation.


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