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The magic of lavender 💜

The oil that I always keep in my bag (and especially since I became a mother – 5 years TODAY!) lavender oil with its almost magical, healing power. Yesterday I visited this amazing lavender field that captured all my senses with its color, scent, the buzz of the bees, the fragrance when I pull my hands over its flower and aroma of the lavender. And yes, you can even taste it in your food.

Photo credit: Éva Homor Even if lavender does not have the magic power, it is definitely considered the Jolly Joker of essential oils that has been known and used for centuries and is used for its unmistakable aroma and its beneficial effects on health.

It is widely known for the sedative and relaxing feature of lavender, but also has an excellent effect in healing skin problems.

How do you use the lavender oil? 💜 inhale, evaporate or place a couple of droplets on your pillow before sleeping for the sake of relaxing, deep sleep 💜drop lavender oil into the bathing water to take off the daily stress and make you feel relaxed 💜 in the case of fever, tap it along your spine 💜 therapeutic grade, clean lavender can be used for babies, so you can handle colic and upset babies in a natural way 💜 apply 1-2 drops to burns and sunburns, as well as to scars to accelerate the healing process and make your skin smooth 💜 an amazing remedy for skin problems, perfectly cures psoriasis, eczema and other wounds 💜 pairing with lemon and peppermint essential oils helps overcome allergy and hay fever 💜 the oil of communication, a great oil for the throat chakra. Helps with sincere communication, expressing our emotions and speaking your inner truth.

If you would also like to experience these effects in your own home or have any question about essential oils, feel free to contact me, I will be happy to help! Go ahead and book a free 30-min wellness consult with me:

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