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Many of us struggle for a lifetime to just be good enough.

What do you think about that?

Are you struggling with that too?

Do you do your best to finally be enough, once and for all? Be good enough.

When will the long-awaited moment finally arrive?

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Have you stopped for a moment in the great hurry (to get good enought) to imagine what the moment will be like when you get there?

Who will tell you when it is enough?

When will you be enough, when will you do enough?

Is there anyone waiting for you somewhere who will stand in front of you and with pathos in his/her voice, holding a bouquet of flowers in his/her hand will say to you, "Congratulations, Dear Zsófia (and here, of course, substitute your own name), you are enough from today (beautiful enough, good enough, smart enough, intelligent enough, rich enough, wise enough, enlightened enough, etc.). "

Will there be a point where you can finally sit back on the couch with a big sigh and say, "Yeah, I'm (good) enough."

And then? What will happen next?

I feel like there are two paths.

One is quite tiring and lengthy, but it is full of adventures and challenges. If I take this path, I do absolutely everything to become "enough". No matter how far I need to go, whatever I need to do, even bringing the stars down from the sky, all of them and one more, I strain, I fight until I finally get tired and desperate enough to give up - saying "I did everything and still didn't succeed" and reassure myself once and for all that it didn’t work out, I am not enough, I’m too small, I’m just never going to be good enough (for myself, the other, my partner, my parents, my child, the world)!


The other path is a moment. Every single moment. To be, to live fully accepting, fully embracing who you are.

And there is no sequel here. Because accepting who you are can no longer be classified with adjectives, because the point is that EVERYTHING and ANYTHING is in it.


Doing nothing as well as giggling, laziness as well as struggle, joy and laughter as well as grief and crying. Everything, I say E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G - and I am part of it all - is just as perfect, as wonderful as it is.

You are a unique and unrepeatable miracle of the universe. That's good enough, isn't it?

It may not be easy, but there is nothing to wait for, because the moment may come at any time, but it may never come. You can decide. Please do it. Do the inner work, heal the traumas inherent in you, find your own worth, your value, because that is the most important thing you can do for yourself and for our planet.


(Photo: author)

With this note, I want to pay tribute to my Mother, for who although this moment never came, was always enough in my heart.

She would be 73 years old today.

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