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We are constantly living under the pressure of time. Many times our birth does not take place in our own rhythm, others help the baby into the world, we come into this life, being rushed, considering and considering all kinds of external aspects. It is seldom given to a soul to begin and progress in its own rhythm, signaling to its mother, through the painful and uplifting dance of being born into this world. Then, before his lungs are ready for it, the baby is detached from the life-giving umbilical cord and hastily thrown into the deep water we call Life.

And from here on, there is no stopping. From generation to generation we pass on to each other the ideas and feelings of haste, progress, speed. Parents - in the midst of a lot of important tasks - rush their children willingly or unwillingly into getting dressed, going to kindergarten, to school, to get there quickly before the store or office closes, so they take away from the first moments, the most important years the slowness, the beauty of contemplation, the incredible simplicity of existence. We adapt to the fast-paced rhythm of life and meanwhile lose touch with our own natural rhythm, our inner clock, which beats everyone at their own unique pace. We are slowly losing touch with our own nature, our innermost being, our soul. We only pay attention to the ticking of the outside world, we watch our watch for when to lie down and get up, when to give birth and how much time is left until retirement. I'm lucky. Maybe because I already had the alarm clock as a kindergarten name sign, I have always had a strong connection with time and I have known for a thousand years that I GET EVERYWHERE EXACTLY ON TIME. Even if I wanted to, I could never really be late. I’m very punctual and it never meant that I arrived everywhere with Swiss watch accuracy, but still, always on time. Nevertheless, the inner haste, the pressure to move on, to hurry to keep ahead than where I am right now, was a detained, constant companion of my life. Like a chased savage who has been disturbed in his peaceful grazing and flees headlong. She just has no idea where. My inner slave-driver who beats but at least scolds me if I don’t keep where I need to. But where should I go? Where is this great hurry? Where am I going at all? When should I get there? (And anyway, who has the map ??? :)) I learned early on that I can only be good if I move, hurry, aim for somewhere. Towards goals that on the one hand weren’t my own, so I couldn’t even make a real difference for them. If I accidentally drove myself following my own internal call, I hurried somewhere, like someone who misses the start of a concert. But who could miss her own life? Even though I was already there in my head, I wanted to be there with all my being.... and it always turned out, I was not ready for it in my spirit so I could really get what I wanted so badly. The universe gives us everything we are ready for. How could I live in a happy relationship, when I'm afraid to be attached and be vulnerable ... How could I have an easy, effortless and free life, when I learned and deeply believe that life is hard .... How to give to the world when I can't even give to myself... I have to heal inside first, to arrive within myself, in order to reach my goal outside. The unbearable lightness of being, the joy that my simple days bring, getting up next to my family, watching and listening to their quiet sighs, smiling in the rising sun, the warmth of morning tea, the joy of my body stretching on the yoga mat and then resting, my subtle breath and I could list the rhythm of my life until the silence of the evening, I regained it for myself through hard and conscious work. I learn to slow down, pay attention inward, live and let live in my own rhythm. I follow my desires, I take action for my purpose, with ease and deep faith. I know I'm on time. I know slowness is value. I know everything that belongs to my path, I will get there, at the best of times. Maybe not in this life, then in the next. It will be perfectly good anyway. What drives you forward? Your head or your heart? Can you slow down, breathe and just be ... and only take the next step when you hear the beat of your heart saying Yes? Why are you in a hurry? #rhythym #time #selfhealing #coachingandyoga #innerwork #magichappens #soulconnectedliving #livealifeyoulove #unbearablelightnessofbeing #ontime #heartbeat #evolution

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