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It's certainly not a coincidence (because there are no coincidences and it's especially relevant with Pluto changing signs) that I started thinking and talking about freedom in recent days, and now I encourage you to think about HOW FREE YOU REALLY ARE.

I know I wouldn't be as free as I am now if I didn't really, really, REALLY want to be free! (too bad there's no volume)

Free like a bird soaring up high in the clouds, riding the wings of the wind and flowing together with the universe.

I wanted to be free on all levels.

What does freedom mean?

From a spiritual point of view, freedom can be seen as the ability to live in alignment with one's true self and to experience a sense of inner peace and fulfillment.

I yearned for physical, emotional, material, and mental freedom so that my spirit and entire being could become free. I wanted to walk my own path and live according to my deepest values and beliefs.

However, my reality was nothing like that.

To be free, I had to realize how much, but how much, BUT HOW MUCH I was actually imprisoned.

And the key to my prison is in my hands.


In the next few days, I will write a small series of posts about the path to freedom.

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