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There is no security

We all want to feel safe and have different means to feel secure. Some need to have money in their bank account to feel safe in this world, others need a partner, a job, a home, a COVID-free world to feel relaxed.

While they can all help and add to the feelings of safety and security, ultimately it's all an illusion.

Having money can make you feel free, powerful, but it will not guarantee you lifelong happiness and will not save you from death. A partner - no matter how loving - could leave, a job can be lost, a home can be destroyed by an earthquake in seconds. Plus we live in a world where there is no escape from COVID, where we can either trust our immune system or get vaccinated, but none of us know when and how it's going to end (and if it's going to end).

So it all makes us anxious, afraid - the odd chances of life that can find us unexpected in any moment.

What if we would make peace with it? What if you could (just for a moment) see life as ever-flowing instances, like tiny little pebbles that look and feel very different if you look at them closely, but seem very similar if you watch them from a distance? And examine them, one by one with pure curiosity. What if you would experience it ALL?

Experience that... I don't know. I am scared. Yes, it might happen (that he leaves, I am broke, I have no job, I don't know what comes next).

When I quit my corporate job, I really had no idea where I was heading to. I knew that I had to leave in order to find myself. It was scary, it even seemed crazy, why would someone leave such a wonderful job, living in an amazing place in one of the coolest cities in Europe, having excellent salary, traveling, all that....? There was no real answer back then, I just felt it, knew it deep within that I must do it.

I trusted. I trusted myself that no matter how scary and insane it seems, I will be fine. If nothing works out, I will get another job. If the man leaves me (as he did), I will be heartbroken, but I will heal and get out of it stronger and better. I knew and I know ever since that the only place where I can truly feel safe is within. Knowing that no matter what happens outside, I will be there - for me. I will love and support myself even if I am scared, lost, sad and I will never be alone. I will always be safe and secure as long as I have me.

Questions: I invite you to reflect on how you relate to security. What are your things, who are your people who make you feel safe? Is it safe in this world? Will I be loved for me?

(continued below)

The world often makes us believe that security, safety comes from the outside, or even worse, there is no such thing at all.

So we are looking for solutions outside of us. Finding safety in others, people or things, in the system, etc. In reality, everything - the system, people and things -, everything that I am watching as being part of my life is not separate from me. They are outside of me and within me, at the same time.

One of the best tools I have that takes me back to my roots, the nature of life and to myself, to my own source and essence is meditation. (There are plenty of ways to meditate, there is not one correct way and all is good as long as it serves its purpose, to connect within, to connect to Source, God, Divine, you name it.)

There is a lot of misunderstanding about meditation. In my opinion, meditation is not about surpassing emotions, fears, but about allowing everything to appear, having the opportunity to do the inner work and transform!

The beautiful meditation speaking to my soul and connecting directly with my purpose is Mul Mantra. Mul Mantra was given to the world by Guru Nanak, an enlightened master who lived over 500 years ago. In a few words he captured the working of the Divine.

This mantra shows you there is only One, existing within everything that exists, which means also inside of you. This may be one of the hardest things for us as human beings to accept. We are spirit in form. And everything and everyone around you is this one and the same spirit. Truly embracing yourself as a divine being, one with the source, is all about self-acceptance, self love. You are not just a part of God, God is nowhere outside of you, you are God.

Beware! Practiced for a period of time, it will take you off the track of your destiny (controlled and steered by the body and mind). As soon as you bring your focus within, to the rhythm of the heart and the song of the soul, connect to your breath through yoga, meditation, mantras, you are no longer flying on autopilot towards your destiny, but you activate your highest purpose. And that feels safe and good.

If I can give you one advice: meditate! Using these sacred words refines your mind, helps your wandering mind to turn its outward focus back within. This is where you can experience yourself in a way that you cannot describe in words. That timeless sense of being, that which has never come and will never go. That which you can experience through your physical body, when you are willing to make the journey within, when you do your jappa (meditation or reciting a mantra). Feeling this source within yourself can give you so much peace and joy, and helps you tap into a timeless source of energy, it’s like you become a co-creator with the Universe to help bring this peace into the world and to serve others.

There are plenty of versions of Mul Mantra available on Spotify/YouTube, my personal favorite right now is this

Once you experience it, chant it for 40 days and would be glad to hear about where it takes you! I am on with this mantra for over 2 months and still loving it!

In the next post I will share some tips about essential oils that bring you back to your own safe place, your center! Stay tuned!

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